“Having been through a relatively quick succession of some of life’s major challenges, a mutual friend recommended I get in touch with Nat and see if I could attend one of her retreats. This I did and signed up for the Bali retreat in mid to late September. I did not have any expectations having not done something like this before and very little yoga but saw it as an opportunity to take a break from day to day life and work in order to process and shed some of the past with a view to moving forward refreshed and unhindered. What was to come surpassed any expectations I could have had. I met Nat and Gary along with what turned out to be 12 very special and beautiful souls in an idyllic location, which had been carefully selected by Nat and Gary. Just about every yoga session I had over the course of the week bought about a cleansing and reenergising of my mind, body and soul, and along with the fun and intense daily exercise sessions held by Gary, the nutritious food and most wonderful company of the people I now call friends, I had arguably one of the most personally fulfilling weeks of my life.
The additional activities Nat and Gary had organised were once again carefully selected and allowed us to experience a physical and mental challenge in hiking up a volcano in the very early hours of the morning to watch a sunrise, along with additional activities, both spiritual and cultural, to go with a fun day out snorkeling in beautiful bays together. There was also time and flexibility for those who wanted to relax at the resort or do their own thing.
Thank you so much to Nat, Gary and my new and dear friends for what I will always remember as a truly memorable week in my life. I am really grateful to have met and shared the experience with all of them.”

- Sean L., 2019

Nathania Stambouli