“I was blown away by how good Megan is and her evolution from student to teacher and what a great addition she was to the teaching team. I really hope Megan comes back next year as a teacher again. I think the 3 of you balance each other out so so well. In the past I would say "I'm only here for Nat" but now I can honestly say I love all 3 instructors. Nat, you have a gift and everyone sees it - you make yoga spiritual and yet the retreat is light and fun and really balanced. Gary teaches the type of workout I do at home but I was down for 30 mins of getting the crap beat out of me. (Gotta work that booty!) And then Megan would swoop in and fix the damage Gary caused with her vodoo naps and stretchy goodness. I just love you all. I'm going to keep coming back every year till I'm 87 because I get so much out of that one little week per year. Thank you.”
- Maribel G., 2018

Nathania Stambouli