SoulTribe does Sayulita, 2019

Do you have places that you consider your favorite place(s) in the world? I (Nat), have several. My home is one of them, but Haramara Retreat in Mexico is a close second. If you’re looking for a place to go to feel like you’re in completely different world and to really reset, this is the place. There’s a sense of magic as soon as you step on the property and take a look at the awe inspiring view of the ocean from the infinity pool. As soon as you step into your thatched cabana and realize there’s no wall between you, the jungle and the amazing view in front of you, you can’t help but feel exhilirated! My personal favorite is the open-air shower. Bird watching while you wait for your conditioner to do its thing is quite special, let me tell ya! There are no words to do any of it justice, and it’s one of the reasons why people come back on this retreat year after year. Haramara is one of a kind.

In July, we had the pleasure of retreating with an awesome group of 19 people from all over the US. While we always create room for personal growth with circles and ceremonies, we never really know what the spirit of the retreat will be about until our Tribe shows up creates it with us. Through and through, this retreat became about empowerment. Reclaiming your body after illness. Accepting your imperfections and loving yourself not in spite of but because of them. Stepping confidently into a new phase of life with a new job or a massive shift in career. Regaining the tools and motivation to make health and fitness a part of your life.

One of our favorite parts of these retreats is watching everyone come with their own intention, witness how they show up for themselves and for each and up creating the exactly what everyone needed to head home feeling seen, connected and refilled <3


We added a new adventure tour this year in addition to the usual Zip Lining awesomeness - snorkeling in the Marietta islands!

We had a chance to see manta rays, jellyfish (yay), eels and outside of the water, the unique Blue Footed Boobie bird that lives only in the Marietta islands and the Galapagos!

Activities and adventure tours are awesome, but so is down time. Sayulita town offers plenty of opportunities for eating amazing tacos, hanging out at the beach, visiting local Tequila shops with free tastings and soaking in the colorful culture of the quaint town.

We love Haramara and go back every year! Registration is open for July 11-18, 2020.

Nathania Stambouli