Frequently Asked Questions


What type of yoga do you offer?:

In the mornings we'll practice Vinyasa Flow yoga - postures that are linked to the breath in a flow of movement. These classes are creative, challenging and fun, and will leave you feeling sweaty and energized for the day. In the evenings after a day of fitness, hikes and adventures (or sitting at the pool, of course), we take it down a notch and practice restorative and yin yoga - closer to the ground, longer holds, an opportunity to really relax and stretch it out. Our Mexico retreat in July 2018 will also feature Yoga Nidra sessions - or yogic sleep. Guided body awareness meditations that help you find a deep state of relaxation.

We also offer an arm balance and inversion workshop on all of our retreats! There is nothing like discovering the inner trust and strength you need to hold yourself up  - physically and figuratively. Helping you find your wings or get upside down is one of our greatest joys and these workshops are always a blast!

All classes are optional - pick and choose what works for you or do them all. The number one rule is you do you!

If you're new to yoga, a yoga retreat is an amazing way to dive into the practice and learn a lot very quickly. We welcome beginners but we do recommend having taken at least a few yoga classes prior to joining. If you've never done yoga before, check out some local classes at a studio near you, or online resources like Yoga with Adrienne (free) or YogaGlo ($18/month) to get familiar with the basic postures.


What type of fitness do you offer?:

Our fitness workouts are 30 minutes long and designed to make you want to rest! Gary, our fearless fitness leader and the co-founder of Metabolic Effect Fitness, uses a combination of bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, weight training and cardio based drills in the workouts to turn you into a fat burning machine. Get ready to sweat!

The 30 minute workouts are rest-based (work until you can't, rest until you can) making them individualized to all levels of fitness. You work at your own pace, with the energy of your coach and Tribe motivating and supporting you. Depending on the resort that is hosting our group, the workouts may be outdoors, in a yoga shala, in a gym, with or without gym equipment - anything goes but you're guaranteed a great workout!


Where do we fly into, and when should I travel?:

Check out each retreat page for info on airports, arrival and departure dates and visa information when applicable. The first day of the retreat is typically the arrival day. Try to arrive earlier in the morning or afternoon if possible. Of course, we'll have a shuttle waiting for you at the airport no matter when you arrive. Plan to depart on the last day of the retreat. We have a yoga session, closing circle and breakfast before airport sendoffs begin. Keep in mind that depending on the destination and where you're flying from, it can take 1-2 days to get to the retreat destination due to time zone changes. The date listed is the date you should arrive, not necessarily the day you fly! If you will already be traveling and are joining us from somewhere near the resort, you can just plan to meet at the resort after 12:00 pm on the day that the retreat begins.

do you offer payment plans:

Yes. We appreciate that it's not always possible to pay for a vacation up front, and we're happy to break the balance down into 2-4 payments after the deposit. Send us an email and we'll figure out a plan that works
You get $25 off if you pay in full when you sign up. The reduced price is reflected in the drop-down menu on the retreat page when you click to book your spot. (Please note this only applies to packages purchased at full price).


Yes, you can share a room if you're traveling alone. As long as you're cool with us finding you a roommate, in most cases we can help. Just let us know when you make your booking and we'll keep you posted on our roommate finds. We can put you in touch in advance so you can say hello before you spend a week sharing a space. With a shared room you'll get your own bed but a shared bathroom. Beds are either large single or queen sized depending on the resort and room setup. You can see the details by clicking on each retreat package for more info.


What's your refund policy?

A retreat is a big investment for you, as it is for us - we get it! We don't believe in taking your money if you are unable to join for a good reason, but we do believe in sticking to our commitments and we encourage you to jump in with both feet! The $500 deposit is nonrefundable - you're committing to joining us and living your best life!

We understand that things happen, so cancellations made up to 90 days before the retreat will receive a full refund, minus the deposit. Cancellations made up to 45 days prior to the retreat will receive a 50% refund, minus the deposit. Payment in full is required for registrations made within 45 days of the retreat. Thank you for your understanding.

No refunds will be issued after 45 days out.

In the case of a last minute cancellation due to illness or condition that prevents you from traveling/participating, on a case by case basis we may apply a portion of your retreat payment or deposit towards a future retreat.

Some of the places we travel to are small islands that my be severely affected by hurricanes, earthquakes or other natural disasters. In case a retreat must be canceled due to a natural disaster (ie: travel to this location is impossible and/or the resort is shut down), airport closures, acts of terrorism or other events outside of our control, no refunds will be issued.

If the retreat is at half capacity or less 60 days prior to the retreat start date, SoulTribe Adventures reserves the right to cancel the event. You would have the choice between a refund of your payments (minus your non-refundable deposit), or transferring your payments to another retreat taking place within 12 months.

Flights, any additional accommodation costs or travel expenses will not be refunded in the very unlikely event that we must cancel a retreat.

We recommend purchasing TRAVEL INSURANCE to protect your investment.

Can I come early/stay late?

You do have the option of arriving early or staying past the end of the retreat in most cases, unless the resort is fully booked after our group leaves which rarely happens outside of holiday times. You will need to coordinate your extra stay directly with the resort, but keep us posted on your plans so we can organize to keep you in the same room during your entire stay.


We love to eat, and we love to eat clean, healthy, protein-rich foods even more. The resorts we pick always source local ingredients and craft incredible, fresh, and creative dishes. Menus are varied and can be tailored to any specific dietary needs - just let us know when you book. Retreat packages include 3 meals per day, fresh juices, coffee and water. Meals tend to be primarily vegan or vegetarian (depending on the resort) with options for fish and sometimes chicken, and ahmaaaazing desserts :).

Is there alcohol?

Yes, the resorts we visit often have full bars and often offer amazing specialty cocktails and local spirits. While this is a yoga and health-conscious retreat, we believe in living life on your terms and indulging with awareness. We welcome you if you want a cocktail by the pool and we welcome you if you're sober. However if you are looking for a detox retreat designed to help you steer clear of alcohol for the week, this is probably not the right fit. With this as with all things, you do you, as long as it's respectful of others.

how in shape do you have to be?

If this isn't something you do often, the idea of practicing yoga and working out every day for a week straight seems like a ton. And it is! Our retreats welcome all levels of fitness - whether you're working out daily at home or you're trying to get back into it after years away from the gym or your yoga mat, this will be a shake-up for your system in the best of ways. You'll be sore, sweaty and happy. Our classes are designed to meet you where you're at. We will push you a little bit because we believe in breaking out of comfort zones to grow strong and free, but you take it all at your own pace. Some of the hikes can be a little more intense - it's up to you how many barriers you want to break through on these adventures. Either way, we've got you!