Don't Stop Belizein'

November 2018 marked the discovery of the location of a lifetime! The private island of Thatch Caye in Belize is a stunning 1-mile stretch of land off the coast of Dangriga, Belize, that become our personal paradise for the week.

The island houses only 30 people at a time and our group of 16 shared the common areas like the Coco Lounge, the overwater Starfish Bar and the outdoor dining space with other friendly travelers and honeymooners from all over the world. Time stopped for a few days as we were isolated from the world with nothing to do but relax and enjoy everything the ocean has to offer.


After landing at Belize City airport and taking a local flight on a tiny 14-seater plane to Dangriga, we boarded speedboats across the channel to the island. Roughly 25 minutes later, we arrived to a welcoming committee of friendly Thatch Caye staff and Dewey the dog.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 1.32.05 PM.jpg
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We enjoyed daily yoga sessions and workouts at Serenity Point, movement decks hovering over the water at the far end of the island. You could see fish swimming below and starfish making their way across the ocean floor. There’s nothing quite like laying in savasana (corpse pose) and listening to the waves lapping at the edges of the deck. Pure magic!

When the weather turned a little grey and windy for a couple of days, we took our workouts to the strip of land along the water for suicide runs and other calorie-torching shenanigans, and improvised an awesome little yoga studio at the edge of the Coco Lounge - closer to breakfast right after. Rain or shine, the Tribe shows up and gets it done!

Down time consisted of hanging out and getting to know each other, playing rounds of “Never Have I Ever” with a deck of particularly naughty cards, paddle boarding and kayaking all the way around the island, snorkeling off of nearby reefs and right on our private beach, learning to yoga on top of a paddleboard (it’s no joke!), soaking in the sun, reading, exploring the island and rocking out to karaoke in the evenings. One heck of a vacation!

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Some of our favorite times on retreat are the times we spend getting to know each other better with group activities. We make bead bracelets, we celebrate birthdays, we close each evening with a group gathering to talk about the day and get into more meaningful discussions. We have a couple of drinks together and laugh, sometimes dance - we just take the time to be with each other without judgment, pretense or expectation. It’s such a great feeling to be you and do you with a group of people who are open and willing to do the same!

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Our Thatch Caye adventure was spectacular, and we’re already planning the next one. Some of the locations we go to are pretty good, and some are amazing and become annual go-to’s. Thatch Caye is one of those. Check out our next retreat in May and let’s do this!

Nathania Stambouli