10 Reasons to Retreat at Haramara in Sayulita, Mexico

Have you ever set foot in a new place and immediately felt like you were home? For us at SoulTribe Adventures, Haramara Retreat near Sayulita, Mexico is one of those places. Over the past four years, we’ve been lucky to travel all over the world and experience resorts far and wide. While we’ve been hosted at incredible places everywhere, Haramara sits at the top of the list for its beauty, service and spirit. We go back year after year without hesitation. If you like the idea of being as close to nature as you can be without camping, and seeking to recharge on your own or as part of a group retreat, this is the place.

What is it about Haramara that’s so special, you ask?



Talk about bringing a new meaning to the word “disconnect!.” Haramara Retreat is built by hand to preserve the land, and everything about how it’s constructed and managed is intended to help you put technology away and reconnect to yourself and your deeper needs. Cabanas are lit by oil lamp, so night time trips to the bathroom are illuminated by a candle or your trusty flashlight, adding a fun layer of adventure. Humans lived for thousands of years without electricity; allowing your body to return to its natural circadian rhythm feels like a much needed reset for your nervous system.
Phones can be charged in the restaurant, and you can catch 3G service from several points on the property if you do need to get connected. Three days at Haramara will have you forgetting all about what lives in your phone :)


2. The infinity pool

Breathtaking is the only word to describe the view when you step out onto the landing of Haramara’s pool. Perched at the top of a mountain, you get to luxuriate in a stunning salt water pool and let nature wash your stress away. The poolside bar serves amazing cocktails and smoothies, and the Aguachile & Ceviche are not to be missed!


3. The food

One of our favorite things about Haramara is the consistently out-of-this-world food that you are served three times a day. Enjoy a breakfast buffet every morning with hard boiled eggs, breads, fruits, granola, yoghurt, juices and coffee. Then, order your main breakfast entree however you want it! Sunny side up, Huevos Rancheros, Scrambled, with or without beans and avocado. Seriously!? Seriously.
A mouth watering 3-course lunch and dinner are served up daily. Three courses!? Oh yes. Dessert for lunch AND dinner! You can order a glass of wine or cocktail with meals if you want, but the on-the-ball staff will keep your glass topped off with aguas frescas until you stay “no mas, gracias!” Oh, and the dips. Did we mention the dips? Secretly we think everyone comes back for the dips.


4. The Yoga Shalas

If you’ve ever practiced yoga or worked out outside, you know there’s something special about feeling the wind on your skin and listening to nature as you stretch it out. Haramara takes it to another level! There are two incredible yoga spaces on the property - one with exceptional views of the mountains and ocean, and the other with stunning thatch architecture and completely surrounded by jungle. You’ll be bathed by the rising sun’s rays in your morning yoga classes and wind down to the sound of cicadas all around as soon as the sun sets during evening sessions. It doesn’t get any better!


5. The secluded beaches

Haramara has two completely secluded beaches on either side of the resort. A short walk down the hill and to the right over some rocks and boulders leads you to a small but pristine beach perfect for an afternoon dip. On the other side, a 15 minute walk through the jungle takes you to a mile long stretch of beach with not another soul in sight. Sayulita’s beaches tend to be ridden with tourists in busy months but the beaches around Haramara are yours to explore! (That’s our group in the photo - literally the only ones there!)


6. Sayulita Town

A 20 minute walk or short golf cart ride from Haramara, Sayulita is a vibrant and colorful beach town on the West Coast of Mexico. Established in 1941, it was discovered in the 60s as a great surf destination and quickly became a popular spot for surfers and travelers. Sayulita is a beautiful mix of Huichol art galleries, delicious restaurants, trendy shops, nature activities, amazing tacos, street food, outdoor markets, vibrant nightlife and a relaxed, laid back atmosphere. If you love a colorful town full of culture and charm, Sayulita is a must.

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7. The Staff

No matter how beautiful a place is, poor service can really taint an experience. We’ve been to Haramara every year since 2016 and have received the same outstanding level of service each time. From the welcome staff to the kitchen and serving staff to the porters, ground keepers, security and cleaning crew, every single person goes well above and beyond the service you would expect. They often anticipate our needs before we even ask.

If something is off in your room, it’ll be fixed before you get back from lunch. Like Yogi Tea with your evening dessert? It’ll be placed in front of you by day 2 without you even asking. The staff loves their space and what they do and it shows from the second you arrive.


8. Open Air Showers

This one had to make the list. If you’ve never had the pleasure of showering among the trees, birds and jungle critters, you’re missing out! Hands down one of our favorite parts of our Haramara getaways are the luxurious showers designed with complete privacy in mind but completely open to the magic of your cabana’s surroundings. In our opinion, it’s the best way to cool off after a day of fun and movement in the sun.

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9. Nature & Wildlife

Haramara is situated near the Sierra Madre mountains, home to a variety of indigenous people including the Huichol tribe, considered the last tribe in North America to have maintained their pre-Columbian traditions. Just off the coast are the Mariettas, a group of uninhabited and protected islands and with a curious variety of plants and wildlife including the Blue Footed Boobie birds, making it a great spot for snorkeling, bird watching and water sports. This part of Mexico is also full of lush jungle canopies with great opportunities for adventure tours like zip lining, rapeling and hikes to epic lookout points like the famous Cerro de Mono (Monkey Mountain).


10. The Spirit of the Grounds

As soon as you set foot onto the Haramara property, you’re transported to another time and place. A neatly raked dirt path leads the way down the mountain with private cabanas sprinkled along its edge. Each cabana has its own unique view of the ocean, and some have little outdoor nooks with hammocks to catch an afternoon snooze. Further down the path you’ll find a steep descent to the beach with chairs to relax or read in. The world class spa overlooks the ocean as the strokes of the waves begin to ebb and flow in rhythm with your massage. Every piece of how the place is designed asks you to go back to your roots, to trust that all you need is already inside you, and to believe that mother nature has your back.


Our next SoulTribe Adventure to Haramara Retreat is July 11-18, 2020. Registration is now open. If you’re looking for a luxurious but super down to earth experience, it’s not to be missed!

Nathania Stambouli